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When in doubt, choose wisely...

Wisely? Excuse me?

  • Spod: A person who logs into talkers excessively.
  • CNA: Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Allahnah: What happens when you breed a spod and a CNA...

  • ----===> !!!!! UPDATE !!!!! <===----
    Ok kiddies, we've got the first ever piccie of my nephew, Aaron Preston Bledsoe.
    Do the world a favor and click here!!!

    Heyla folks, guess what...time for an update! Absolutely nada is going on in my life. Yeah, I do have a life...somewhere. Hmm, as of last July I have a nephew! Aaron Preston Bledsoe, son of Amy (the better looking of the two of us). Pictures will be forthcoming...gimme some time. The weather is warming, I passed my 24th bday, and come help me Gods, I swear I'm going to spend next new years in the UK. (dream on?) Think I'll do a page for friends and vices eventually....hmmmm....that gets me thinking...

    Pick a vice...
    What do you prefer?

    *****working irl
    *****collecting beanie babies
    *****sacrificing beanie babies
    *****the stained dress
    *****getting away from wierd people like me?

    Give yourself 5 points for each yes...and an extra 500 for
    beanie baby sacrifices...quiz is tomorrow at ten.
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