why can't you face the music and realize
that thru your streams of pretty lies
lay thoughts of her and she's not there
yet here I sit, but cannot stare

father, brother, cousin, son
incestuous acts that follow
teacher, lover, heartless one
chasing after the dawn

aching for her flesh so sweet
your hands are stretching out to reach
grasping naught but empty air
for I am here and she's not there

father, brother, lord and god
loveless prayers unanswered
teacher, lover, lonely one
rising only to fall

why can't you sift thru all your pasts
and find the memories that seem to last
eyes afire, burning wood to ash
my flesh begs for one more lash

Memories Remain...

as such it follows
one more drink to dull my mind
one more hit to ease my pain
seeing too much, yet feeling so little
only my memories remain

you wanted me
took me in your arms and kissed me
laid me down and made love to me
our souls touching for one bare moment
then you went on your way

I still recall
the walls you built around your heart
the walls that broke to let me in
you can't admit that you love me
but I know now

I'm uncertain
the next time we meet will scare me
the next time we touch will burn me
I can't admit that I loved you
and you'll never know
[Rhavvyn - Allahnah - Jinx]
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